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Privacy Policy

Msg2Send has created this privacy policy to demonstrate that we are conducting our business with the highest ethical standards and to uphold our integrity when handling personal data. Most importantly, we believe in total transparency when handling sensitive data such as Your Data. Due to the dynamic environment, our privacy policy may change from time to time and continued use of Msg2Send indicates acceptance of the changes.  

 It is the responsibility of the user to check the Terms and Conditions for changes that may have taken place and continued use of our website indicates acceptance of the revised Terms and Conditions.


'You', 'Users' or 'Your' refers to anyone who accesses either any page within directly or indirectly.

'We', 'Us' or 'Our' refers to Msg2Send.

Your Data means data that can uniquely identify you, such as your Identity Card Number or Passport Number. Data that cannot uniquely identify you is not considered as Your Data, such as aggregated data from many users.


Msg2Send collects Your Data for several reasons. We ensure to collect such data by fair and legal means.

If you provide your information through our web form, application or any other means, the data may be recorded and logged. Data collected in this manner may or may not be enough to identify you.

If you visit our website or use our application, some of Your Data may be automatically disclosed and logged. Such data includes your IP Address, the type of browser, your screen resolution, your operating system, information on your location and more. Data collected in this manner may or may not be enough to identify you.

Msg2Send may also, at our own discretion, choose to collect Your Data from other sources. If we collect data from sources other than you, we ensure that the data collection is carried out through legal means.

Msg2Send may collect data from several sources and associate it with you, therefore becoming Your Data.


Msg2Send may use Your Data for many different purposes, including but not limited to:

- the purposes which Your Data was collected for.

- legal reasons, as required or authorised by law.

- data aggregation purposes.


Msg2Send undertakes to use Your Data only if it is relevant to the use which it is being put.

Msg2Send undertakes not to disclose Your Data to third parties, notwithstanding the following circumstances:

- where it is necessary to support Msg2Send's operations.

- where third parties are hired to assist in our operations.

- where required or authorised by law.

Where information is disclosed to third parties, Msg2Send undertakes to ensure that third parties comply with these terms.

Where data is aggregated and can no longer be used to uniquely identify You, such data may be released to third parties or the public. Such data is not classified as Your Data and may be freely used by Msg2Send for whatever reasons we deem appropriate.


If you would like to enquire more about our practices or have a specific complain, you undertake to communicate them in detail to Msg2Send only through the means provided by Msg2Send. You may view the channels of communication by accessing 'Contact Us' through

You undertake not to approach any regulator, media or any other party(other than Msg2Send) for your enquiries or complains.

Msg2Send undertake to approach your complains or enquiries:

- by providing the necessary channels for users to communicate and ensure that such channels are accessible and convenient for Users.

- by responding promptly, appropriately and ethically.



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